I was preparing a sermon on 1John, chapter 3, when I found these words of Geoff's. I felt compelled to write my own tune for them, although there is already a fine version by Chris Deickman.

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words by Geoffrey Bingham

1. God is all-loving, He is our Father,
He who loves all men, He who loves you,
He who demands that we should love all men,
Who loves this Father, must love them too.

2. Who loves the Father should love his brother,
Who loves the Father must love His son,
And so we love them-call them all brothers
Love them through Father-great God of love!

3. There on Christ's Calv'ry He bore our sorrows,
Our hurts and hatreds were on Him laid,
There all the anger, sore wounds and anguish
Were cleansed by suffering, each debt was paid.

4. Gone is the anger, gone the resentment,
Gone is the hatred, gone is the pain.
Come is the wonder of a new spirit
As love comes coursing through every vein.

5. We are forgiven: His love has reached us,
We are forgiven, so we forgive.
Love we as brothers, love we as sisters,
Love we as family-for this we live.

6. Praise to the Father, who gives us sonship,
Praise to the Spirit, who keeps us free,
Praise to the Saviour, who makes us brethren,
Praise be for ever-for Family!