Here is a a new worship song, written in May 2006. Our friend, Rebecca Pettigrew, is always writing words and songs. She dropped over some words last month and said, "Here Joe, these are for you." . Well I set to work straight away, and had a tune, but it was too much like a Tarzan song by Phil Collins. So I kept at it and at it, and after about four nights of strumming and singing, a new song was formed (original enough to call our own). I set to work on a second verse and chorus, and here it is.

In my opinion the song is easy to sing and uplifting.


I was blessed by Rebecca giving me the words. Collaboration is agreat thing to do in lots of areas of life. We are meant to share our blessings. The fish and loaves miracle comes to mind.

Hope you like the song. MP3       leadsheet

Jesus Our Lord

1. We have so much to thank you for,
great joy to make us sing,
a living faith, a lasting hope,
your Spirit deep within.
We lift our hands to worship you,
and glorify your name.
we offer now our broken lives
and thank you for this day

King of all Kings
Lord of all Lords
Heavenly lamb
Creator of all
True Prince of peace
Blessed Son of God
Name above every name,
Jesus our Lord

2. Seed of woman, Son of Man
Great David’s greater son
Jacob’s ladder, Israel’s rock
Melchizedek lives on!
You came to call the lost to you
You taught us how to pray
You died our death at Calvary
And washed our sins away!