Here are some songs in progress. They're not bad, in my opinion, so don't let the icon turn you off. Most of these are recorded in my home. photos

"You Must be Born Again" features Dave Maegraith on piano, and myself on clarinet. 3.74 MB

"There I Was" is a song from the musical "Grunt". It's basically an Abba type song. Amber Dieckmann does a great job on vocals. 4.03MB

"Psalm 103" has an interesting backround. I guess it is modelled a little on Colin Buchanan style. It was written soon after I found out my father was very ill, and I sang it at his funeral in 2003. If ever I put out another CD, I will dedicate it to him.   I love Natalie Maegraith's violin playing. 4.37 MB

"Whatever our worries" was written shortly after a patient kindly let me know my big guitar song wouldn't make it to the top 10... I was a bit hung up about lack of success, and this hurt for about 30 seconds. Then I remembered God. For some reason, I think this could be a very good worship song for congregations, and will get some music up eventually. 3.07 MB

"The Big Guitar", as mentioned above, is a lot tongue in cheek. It's my home town song, well I've been here 12 years, and in 1991 we did have the world's largest playable guitar! 3.37 MB

"Doxology" 2.69MB

The Day Jack Fought the Old Grey Kangaroo