These 2 songs were written in the last 12 months or so. After attending the first Australian Songwriters Conference at Ettalong, in June this year, I decided I would try a studio in Nashville as suggested by Jason Blume. So these are american singers and musos demoing my songs. I'm happy with the results.

1. If You Believe. This song was written after driving to Goulburn last year. During the 4 hour drive I listened to 3 CDs lent to me by Mick Lyons. They are called "Amazing Grace" and are a compilation of Country singers doing gospel songs/ hymns. I was hooked from the first strains of our own Keith Urban singing "I'll Fly Away". As soon as I got to the motel, and settled down, I started with a simple idea, and soon had a song. download MP3. (6.5 MB)

2. You Found Me. Straight after the songwriters conference, I wanted to apply some of the lessons. Again, the idea was simple, and I was also thinking a lot about my faith, and how i remember my attitude when I first came to believe. There are certainly some things worth rekindling as we mature in our faith. I feel strongly that as mature christians, we need to seek God to open our eyes to the danger of the temptations around us, and to the sin of pride and becoming like the pharisees. I happened to meet (on the web) a songwriter named George Scholtz, and he kindly agreed to collaborate on this song. download MP3 (4.2 MB) Download powerpoint - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.
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