Here are all the songs from my first CD. David Maegraith encouraged me to record in the first place. His brother, Richard Maegraith, took on the job of production, for which I am very grateful. Tim Uluirewa agreed to do the singing. Andrew Massey, drums. Pete Kohlhoff, bass. Steve Crain , guitar. Henri Peipman, keyboards. Rich Maegraith, Tenor sax. Mike and Melissa Kenny, Ali Vassallo, Ali Maegraith and Myself, backing vocals. My favourite song is Father Dad, words written by Joseph Dezordi. The people's choice is either Grace is the Ocean, or Jesus Our King. This was my first serious CD. I still like it. You can also buy the CD at CD Baby

Tracks for down load

1.  Shout For Joy  4.35MB

2.  Highest Heavens  3.28MB

3.  Jesus Our King  3.93MB

4. . In God Alone  3.87MB

5.  Grace is the Ocean  5.58MB

6.  Father Dad  3.80MB

7.  Stuck Thorns  6.61MB

8.  Praise The Lord  5.78MB

9.  His Love Endures Forever  3.95MB

10.  Hate Spate: Love Spate  3.82MB

11.  Song of the Spirit  4.10MB

12.  You Loved Us  3.77MB