Links to other sites

New Creation Ministries the folk at New Creation Ministries have taught me most of what I believe to be fundamental truth for living in God's kingdom (many are dear friends). Their teaching is clear, deep, strong, Biblical, Trinitarian, sometimes confronting, but always valuable. The grace of God is central to everything.

Lil' Bro I have one brother, Dom Romeo ("Dee" or "Demetrius" to family members). He is extremely gifted. His "blog" is popular, topical, funny, and sometimes "M" rated. He is a comedy and music buff. You may hear him on 2GB in Sydney sometimes. He is now podcasting.

A Sharp This is where I most recently recorded Grunt, and hope to do future projects with Jeff Cripps.

Turtlerock Rick O'Neil is excellent at his job of mastering CDs. He does a lot of high profile work, but is willing to work on any mastering project. He also writes "Last Word" in Audio Technology magazine, the best bit!!!

Christian Country Revival This podcasting station has included "Jesus Our King" on their rotation.

Grunt This site is dedicated to a musical I have co-written with Wal Spencer. We hope to put it on again in Narrandera this Easter

If you live outside Australia (eg USA) and you wish to actually buy a physical CD, try CD Baby, You'll get one there at a reasonable price.