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Grace is the Ocean J. Romeo, c Sep 97

1. Sin is the phantom, deceptive and subtle,
marks us for judgement, for sickness and death.
Keeps us in bondage, in guilt, shame and anger,
faithless and foolish, hopeless and proud.

2. Law is the letter of God’s holy person,
written by Moses, it brings us to grief.
Shows us the glory from whence we have fallen,
"death to law breakers", its holy decree, (Yes thats you and me)

Grace is the ocean of love that is God,
its depths are unfathomed, its bounds are untold.
Tides of forgiveness break in on parched shores;
sinners set sail upon Christ, God’s breath blow us home.

3. Death is the last foe that holds all men captive,
fearful of judgement, of Gods wrath and hell,
Conquered by Jesus, who drank its foul poison,
extinguished the death sting and made it our friend.

4. Christ is the lamb that was slaughtered for sinners,
tempted like others yet strong without stain.
Took he our passions, our sorrows, our failures,
took our full sin guilt and bore all to death. (He bore all to death!)
5. Faith is the gift of the Father to sinners,
takes hold of grace where the conscience will not.
Sees that the work of the cross is completed,
walks by the Spirit, in love and in hope.

6. Pure are the saints that are called by the spirit,
washed in the lambs blood, whiter than snow.
Free in the love that the Father has lavished,
creation so longs for these true sons of God. (Grace sons of God)
Chorus x2

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