Here is another song that came during a week leading up to a sermon I was preparing. The sermon was going to be on "remembering". Because I had realized that one reason I write and sing songs, is to help remember the wonderful things God has done for us. In that week early in Jan 07, I was called by a friend in need, and she shared how she felt that she had lost all her purity. I tried to share with her that when Jesus purifies us through his amazing work on the cross, then that purity is real, and lasting. I think I could feel the truth of this washing through her, and later that week remembered what power there is in the telling of the Gospel of Jesus. As I wrote the song, I thought about what is powerful. Somewhere I knew that the bible said our prayers were powerful, and then I found it in James, "the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective". Isn't it amazing how James then shows us that Elijah was an ordinary person, just like us!!!!

Since then, I have prayed with more expectation, but also with more care.

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Joe Romeo

The Message of the Cross

1. The message of the cross is powerful, powerful, (Rpt)
The message of the cross, no-one can resist.

2. The Spirit of the lord is powerful, powerful, (Rpt)
The Spirit of the Lord, no-one can resist.
So come, come to the Father, come to the Son,
Come to the Spirit, come everyone, come everyone.

3. The blood of Jesus Christ is powerful, powerful, (Rpt)
The blood of Jesus Christ washes every sin.

4. The righteous man's prayer is powerful, powerful, (Rpt)
The righteous man's prayer; God will answer him.

So come, come all who hunger, come all who thirst,
Come to forgiveness, come to new birth,
Come to the Spirit, come to the Son,
Come to the Father, come everyone, come everyone,
Come everyone, come everyone, come everyone.