This Psalm moved me as it was read at church in 2005. The version read seemed to say that God is pleased with us when we get on with each other. I've used poetic license in the wording, changing "How good and pleasant it is", to "What a wonderful feeling". To me this is saying the same thing. As far as oil over your head, well, it makes me think of the feeling of shampoo being poured on your head, by your Mum, when you're a kid having a bath..., yes I can remember that far back! As for Aaron's beard, it seems to be a change of subject mid-sentence. David was not a contemporary of Aaron, so he is probably implying all of Israel, in this case represented by Aaron. "Old Aaron", is my way of thinking of one or two old saints, who remind me of Aaron, even if they don't have a beard. Their blessing, is our blessing. And all of this concluded by eternal life,... What a wonderful God we have.

When eventually I did the harmonies for the final verse, I realised it was a bit like Cathy's clown. Not intentional.


What a wonderful feeling when we're living in unity,

Like precious oil poured full on our heads,

Running down old Aaron's beard, down the collar of his robe;

That's the blessing of the Lord, life forevermore.


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