"You Loved Us" was a song I wrote in 1998, just before I spent some time at Streaky bay, SA, as part of a teaching mission with Andrew Klynsmith and Ralph Gilbert. The mission was blessed by God, as was the teaching, singing, fellowship and friendship. I came to a clearer, joyfully freeing understanding of God's covenant with us, when Andrew shared a message to a mens group, on the passage from 2Kings, chapter 5, concerning Naaman being cured of leprosy, by Elisha. Up until then, even though I had an understanding of covenant being a single-sided, single-minded, everlasting action of God, by God, to us, for our benefit (as opposed to a contract between two parties, double-sided, double-minded, temporary and unfulfilling), I didn't believe it. Now I do.

The song wasn't quite finished, it needed a better wording in the bridge (middle) section. This Andrew supplied, and we went on to sing it a number of times during that mission. It is the very last song on the CD Grace is the Ocean, which you are welcome to download.

Lead Sheet as PDF

You Loved Us

1. You loved us before we loved you.
You loved us, who never loved you.
Our lives were a mess, You loved us no less,
You loved us, and now we love you.

2. You found us before we found you.
You found us, who could not find you.
In sin’s darkest night, you gave us Son light,
You showed us the way to find you.

3. You sent your Son, the lost to seek and find,
And Spirit pure, to enlighten darkened minds.
Upon the tree, Christ took humanity,
Destroyed iniquity, and set his people free.

4.You knew us before we knew you.
You knew us, who never knew you.
Blinded by lies, you opened our eyes,
You knew us, that we may know you.

5. You chose us before we chose you.
You chose us, who never chose you.
Though idols we crave, you chose us to save,
You chose us, and now we choose you.